Finture Solutions

Over the coming decades, the global population will rapidly increase with fewer resources available to provide sufficient food for all. Power shortages are one of the biggest barriers to development. Meanwhile a significant part of the world has trouble accessing quality healthcare and other basic needs. In close collaboration between FMO and Rockstart, one of Europe's first accelerators, Finture Solutions was initiated in 2019 to address these challenges.

The aim  for Finture Solutions is to find bold Dutch start-ups that are looking to scale their business and create impact by improving people’s lives in those parts of the world where this makes the biggest difference. The 2020 edition of Finture Solutions, this time as an online event, was a great success and awarded EUR 625,000 in development contribution to the following five innovative Dutch start-ups:

  • Almacena Platform B.V.
    Almacena BV is dedicated to support smallholder coffee and tea farmers in African countries to unlock their access to new markets and finance, enabling direct trades between them and final buyers. Its product, the Platform, offers African producers an online marketplace as a direct sales channel to end buyers – roasters and tea packers – in consumption markets. The direct sales are facilitated by the trading as a service model which allows the producers to get working capital finance, insurance, logistics, warehousing, and local marketing services via the Platform against a fixed minimal fee.

  • Oceans of Energy B.V.
    Oceans of Energy has designed and made durable offshore floating solar systems that operate at sea at a cost that is lower than any non-renewable energy producing technology. This technology allows for densely populated areas or islands with limited land space to have access to affordable clean energy. Their intention is to bring this technology also to emerging markets. 

  • ASOBO B.V.
    ASOBO is creating a sustainable platform for e-mobility on the water in emerging markets. They provide electric outboard engines that are powered by renewable energy and currently offered on a full-service basis to the fisherfolks on Lake Victoria, Kenya. This will allow the fisherfolks to use clean energy engines, at a lower cost than the diesel generated ones, they traditionally used.

  • Agriplace B.V.
    AgriPlace helps farmers and farm groups to digitize the certification process and obtain international certification more easily. The platform also streamlines the compliance process and manages compliance from farm to fork. This will increase visibility for the farmers in emerging markets with the buyers in Europe and elsewhere.

  • Inuka Coaching B.V.
    Inuka Coaching is a digital mental health app and platform that bridges the accessibility and affordability barriers to quality mental health wellness in Kenya. On the platform, a client can take a wellbeing assessment, and is matched with a coach for sessions and practical solutions.