COVID-19 response projects

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the need for innovative technological solutions and approaches to respond in a timely and effective manner in Africa and Asia, FMO has engaged with several Dutch organizations.​ The focus was firstly on reacting to requests related to COVID-19 from existing clients, and secondly on building relationships with organizations that the team has been in contact with for a longer period to develop joint business opportunities.

Given the extraordinary situation and the nature of some of the responses, DA assigned EUR 1.2 million in development contribution to eight COVID-19 response projects in the health and water sector. Six projects were contracted in 2020.

Overview of the contracted COVID-19 response projects 2020:

  • COVID-19 monitor (Ghana) – PharmAccess Foundation
    The project aims to support PharmAccess with the implementation and roll out of the COVID-19 response app, developed by Luscii in the Netherlands. The app will support healthcare providers, patients, and the local government in Ghana, to improve the response capacity for disease outbreaks and to contribute to build up a stronger healthcare system in Ghana.

  • AidInnov (Africa) – Solvoz Holding B.V.
    Solvoz has developed a platform that combines a digital catalogue with a tender workflow for the procurement of aid supplies for COVID-19 response. DA has provided funds to launch the platform free of charge in order to make the procurement process for health NGOs in Africa more transparent and efficient.

  • CAD4COVID Online Solution (Africa) – Delft Imaging Systems B.V.
    Funding has been provided to Delft Imaging Systems for the implementation of a Cloud based artificial intelligence tool to screen X-ray thorax images for COVID-19. The solution is an innovation which enhances locally installed, existing technology. Artificial intelligence is reducing the need for trained radiologists which is important in general in a low resource setting and certainly in times of a pandemic.

  • VODAN (Africa) – Cordaid Foundation
    Funding for the roll out of a Virus Outbreak Data Network (VODAN) aimed at providing African authorities with reliable COVID-19 related data to better prepare and manage their national responses. The project will create local data points and enable existing data sources at hospitals, universities and private institutions, to report the data. It is a project by Africans for Africa off an approach that was developed in the Netherlands and is now rolled out by Cordaid in close collaboration with the Go Fair foundation and Philips.

  • COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Pilot (Kenya) – World Waternet
    Funding to World Waternet to roll out the early surveillance system of COVID-19 trends in populations by sampling and testing sewage for RNA strains of COVID in Nairobi. This is based on the methodology developed by the KWR Water Research Institute in the Netherlands.

  • COVID-19 improvement of water availability (Kenya) – Genap B.V.
    Funding provided for the piloting of a water solution developed by Genap and its partner for five Kenyan Water Service Providers to increase and improve the access to safe water to primarily prevent the spread of COVID-19. The proposed solution will lead to a cleaner and controlled water distribution system, enabling people to have sufficient water available for drinking, personal hygiene and hand washing.