International quality teaching hospital in Bangladesh

Who is our client

DA supports Alinea International Pty. Ltd., mandated by the Prime Bank Foundation to develop a private teaching hospital, together with a consortium of reputable international partners, including International Hospital Group and Philips from the Netherlands.

Funding objective

With the co-financing of DA, Alinea International will develop a bankable feasibility study for the Prime Bank Hospital. The ultimate goal is to develop a 400-bed teaching hospital, a nursing college, a medical college, a research academy and an incubator for new technologies. 

Why we fund this project?

DA provides funding for the bankable feasibility study to support the positive impact of the project and to support Dutch exporter Philips and Dutch owned project manager Deltadesh to contribute to a high-impact hospital in Bangladesh, a country where healthcare is one of the most underinvested and least developed sectors. This project is foreseen to offer international quality healthcare to both the middle- and upper class as the underprivileged. In addition, the project is foreseen to reduce the shortage of medical staff, and in particular the lack of nurses

DA investment | EUR 323,860

Instrument | Development Contribution

Country | Bangladesh

SDG | 3 and 4