In 2020, the Development Accelerator contracted 11 new projects with a value of EUR 3.7 million in the agri-food, water, energy, and health sectors, of which five projects were COVID-19 response projects. In addition, five Dutch start-ups, the winners of Finture Solutions, were awarded EUR 125,000 each in development contribution, of which four start-ups are contracted. 

A total of EUR 2.8 million was disbursed during the year for projects in Bangladesh, Colombia, Congo- Brazzaville, and Vietnam amongst others. At year-end DA had 25 active projects in portfolio amounting to EUR 7.5 million.

The total fund capital of the DA for the period 2017-2021 is EUR 16.7 million of which EUR 1.8 million can still be withdrawn until the end of 2021. FMO NL Business requested an increase of the funding under the DA. 

As a result of the pandemic, the DA saw delays in the execution of some of the projects in the portfolio. Especially the projects managed together with the IFC in the health sector could not progress as planned. At the same time, we look back positively on the new impact projects the fund was able to contract during the year.

Overview new projects 2020:

  • Prime Bank Hospital- Bangladesh (Health)
    Co-financing for Alinea Pty. Ltd., mandated by the Prime Bank Foundation, to develop a bankable feasibility study for an envisaged high impact 400 bed teaching hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There will be at least two Dutch companies involved in the construction and equipment phase of the project. 

  • Circular Farming- South Africa (Agri-food)
    DA supports Colsen International B.V., a Dutch SME, focusing on water, energy and environmental technology, to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a biogas plant using chicken manure from poultry farms in South Africa. The project will reduce the CO2 footprint of the chicken farms considerably by producing green energy and clean fertilizer from a waste stream of chicken manure.

  • Ngali healthcare project- Rwanda (Health)
    Health Access International B.V., an independent hospital and healthcare consultancy company that aims to create affordable quality healthcare for everyone, received funding for the feasibility to design and construct a central specialized health clinic with a network of five satellite health centers in Rwanda. The project will help to ease the burden on the people who need quality medical care.

  • Eboteli- Congo Brazzaville (Health)
    For this project funding was provided to Royal Philips N.V. to support an 18-month proof of concept pilot with the aim to reduce child and maternal mortality as part of the feasibility phase covering four district hospitals, one central emergency health clinic and fourteen health facilities throughout Congo Brazzaville.

  • PPJ-Wiser Pilot-Vietnam (Water)
    Wiser Globe B.V. received funding to support the scaleup of the innovative Wiser Wash patented denim wash technique, proven to offer considerable reduction of water usage and chemicals in the denim wash process, across Phung Phu International’s (PPJ) denim laundry facilities in Vietnam.