Reducing the water footprint in the production of denim in Vietnam

Who is our client

DA funds Wiser Globe B.V. with validating, creating demand and scaling up the patented Wiser Wash technique across Phung Phu International's (PPJ) denim laundry facilities in Vietnam.

Funding objective

The Wiser Wash technique is proven to offer up to 65% reduction of water usage in the denim wash process. In addition to the significant savings in water usage, Wiser Wash also contributes towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals to the environment and offers up to 34% reduction in energy usage during the denim washing process. PPJ who is a large manufacturer of denim goods in Vietnam for high-end international brands, is committed to sustainable practices with a focus on the reduction of their water and energy footprint, reuse and recovery of heat, chemicals and wastewater, recycling of fabric and garment and zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. 

As such, PPJ has partnered with Wiser Globe B.V. to pilot the Wiser Wash technique to meet their sustainability goals. Upon successful implementation and achievement of the key performance indicators of the pilot project, the Wiser Wash technique will be scaled up across all of PPJ’s laundries in Vietnam over a 2-year period.

Why we fund this project

DA funds are made available to pilot an innovative proven water conservation technique patented by a Dutch company that will improve the water footprint, among others, in the denim textile industry. 

The project will also be able to earn FMO’s Green label status due to the Wiser Wash technique that provides significant water savings, energy savings and zero hazardous chemical use and discharge to the environment. The investment will also qualify as a ‘gender inclusive business’ as per FMO’s Reducing Inequalities Label guidelines. This is because the client of Wiser Globe B.V., PPJ has a workforce that entails 90% of female employees.

DA Investment | EUR 400,000

Instrument | Development Contribution

Country | Vietnam

SDG | 6 and 9

DA supports Colsen International B.V., an innovative, family-owned Dutch SME, focusing on water technology, energy and environmental technology. Through their subsidiary Aquest Colsen Ltd in South Africa, they are developing a manure to energy solution to serve almost 50 chicken farms in the West Cape region in South Africa.