Finture Solutions

Over the coming decades, the global population will rapidly increase with fewer resources available. Power shortages are one of the biggest barriers to development. Meanwhile more than half of the world’s population lives in areas where the supply of water cannot meet demand sustainably. In close collaboration between FMO and Rockstart, one of Europe's first accelerators, Finture Solutions was initiated to address these challenges. The aim is to find bold Dutch start-ups that are looking to scale their business and create impact by improving people’s lives in those parts of the world where this makes the biggest difference. Finture Solutions was a great success and awarded EUR 625,000 in development capital to the following five innovative Dutch start-ups:

  • Eaglesensing B.V.
    The company specializes in data acquisition and analysis through machine learning. Eagle Sensing provides cutting edge aerial data collection by capturing data from different sources such as planes, satellites and drones. Data can be gathered on for example crops, soil, irrigation, diseases, providing vital information for management decision to farmers.

  • Liquidseal Fruits B.V.
    Liquidseal provides proven protection for fruits during every step of the supply chain. The company has invented an eco-friendly packaging (biodegradable and compostable) which enables a reduction in food wastage up to 40%.

  • AMMP Technologies B.V.
    AMPP offers an energy IT platform in emerging markets to enable utilities and mini-grid operators to operate more effectively by reducing operational costs and enabling innovative business models.

  • Max Water Supply B.V.
    Max Water Supply is a company set up by MAX foundation that aims to improve children’s health by providing people in Bangladesh with safe water and access to basic sanitation.

  • Solarcreed B.V.
    Solarcreed helps farmers in off-grid communities produce, package and distribute food using solar energy, eco-friendly packaging and SmartID to improve production and reduce carbon.