OAPAS Naucalpan wastewater treatment system

Who is our client

Our client is OAPAS, a local Mexican drinking water company. OAPAS stands for Organismo Público Descentralizado para la Prestación de los Servicios de Agua Potable, Alcantarillado y Saneamiento del Municipio de Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México.

Funding objective

Our funding is aimed at supporting the development of a technically sound and finance-able wastewater treatment project that can be brought to the market for participation by the Dutch business community. The project will contribute to achieving SDG 6 and potentially reduce inequalities for marginalized populations in Naucalpan, which has a population of roughly 800,000 inhabitants. The project aims to reduce public health risks for the inhabitants by improving the discharge quality of wastewater to the river Hondo. It follows the Mexican and IFC performance standards.

The project will also increase the treatment of wastewater from 6% to approximately 60%. This will significantly reduce the discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment and improve the quality of groundwater. The project will furthermore provide significant volumes of treated wastewater for reuse by industries and thereby reduce the demand for potable water for non- domestic purposes.

Why we fund this project

This is a green project (pollution prevention, GHG avoidance) that fits very well with the funds’ development objectives. By funding this project, we are also pro-actively supporting the Dutch business community by bringing a high-quality project to the Dutch market.

DA investment | USD 495,711

Instrument | development contribution

Country | Mexico

SDG | 6