Makueni - PPP for Primary Care

DA funds are used to co-finance the feasibility phase of the project being undertaken in three primary healthcare facilities by Amref Flying Doctors and Philips Medical Systems B.V. in Makueni county in Kenya.

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FMO - IFC partnership

Under this partnership FMO has allocated EUR 1 million from the Development Accelerator to a trust fund managed by IFC, the investment arm of the Worldbank. The funds will be used by IFC for preparation, structuring and tendering of public-private partnership projects in water and healthcare, the two important sectors where the Netherlands offers advanced expertise.

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Ruhengeri Referral Hospital reconstruction and equipment

Dutch Health B.V. is specialized in developing turnkey healthcare solutions, including the design, construction and equipping of hospitals, healthcare centers and other health related infrastructure worldwide.

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OAPAS Naucalpan wastewater treatment system

Our client is OAPAS, a local Mexican drinking water company. OAPAS stands for Organismo Público Descentralizado para la Prestación de los Servicios de Agua Potable, Alcantarillado y Saneamiento del Municipio de Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México.

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Pyigyitagon water supply, Myanmar

In the second-largest city of Myanmar, Mandalay, we are investing in the construction of an integrated water supply system. Currently more than 70% of the households in the Mandalay township Pyigyitagon are not connected to piped water supply.

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