Ruhengeri Referral Hospital reconstruction and equipment

Who is our client

Dutch Health B.V. is specialized in developing turnkey healthcare solutions, including the design, construction and equipping of hospitals, healthcare centers and other health-related infrastructure worldwide. Besides its involvement in hospital development, Dutch Health develops mobile clinics in the form of ambulance boats and tricycle ambulances which can be used in dense cities.

Funding objective

The current hospital is inadequate in terms of its infrastructure and has insufficient medical staff. The building consists of many different pavilions and lacks an integrated service. The hospital will be completely reconstructed and re-equipped. The new Ruhengeri Referral Hospital will be established on the land of the existing hospital without interrupting the hospital services during construction. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, advanced and highly accessible health facility for the people in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, the reconstruction will have a positive impact on the hospital itself in terms of enhancing staff satisfaction and retention. The hospital will function as a 24/7 comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care facility. The new facility will benefit locals as well as international tourists visiting this part of the country. The design of the new facility will ensure the possibility of future expansion of health services while encouraging environmentally friendly hospital concepts.

DA supports Dutch Health in the preparative work of investigating the different redevelopment plans, which includes the financial and technical aspects as well as the design of the hospital.

Why we fund this project

The reconstruction of the Ruhengeri Referral Hospital will improve the health and well-being of the population in the Musanze District.

The Ruhengeri Referral Hospital is currently serving approximately 1,500 inpatients with 328 beds. However, due to the lack of capacity, a significant number of beds are not given any service and only serve as hotel capacity for patients waiting to be treated. The hospital was built in 1931, and the service level is inappropriate due to the lack of proper infrastructure and medical equipment. Therefore, it urgently needs to improve service quality through the reconstruction and procurement of medical equipment.

The reconstruction and equipping of the Ruhengeri Referral Hospital will contribute to the achievement of national goals in terms of reducing maternal and infant mortality, treating and preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases, and providing health security.

DA investment | EUR 618,798

Instrument | development contribution

Country | Rwanda

SDG | 3